I have several text book problems that require excel equations in order to produce graphs, data, probability results, etc. How do I go about submitting a request for these equations to be created in order to obtain the output results. Is your company able to handle this scope of work?
The following is part 1 of a text book assignment: Based of a Wheel of Fortune Simulation, suppose that the outcome of each spin of the wheel is no longer uniformly distributed between $0 and $1000. Instead, it is the numbers of 7’s you get in 20 rolls of two dice. In other words, each spin results in a binomially distributed random number with parameters n = 20 and p = 1/6 (because the chance of rolling a 7 is 1 out of 6). The simulation should still allow you to vary the number of spins from 1 to 10, and the winnings is still the average of the outcomes of the spins.

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