For me:

In the volunteer work, i worked to “Beach Cleanups” by organization “Heal the bay” . During the 2 hours cleaning up beach, i was just responsible to clean up the beach, to assign different kinds of rubbishes to different trash. It’s up to you to write anything what I did on that day, coz he doesn’t check it. He just needs me to answer following questions.


By instructor:

What are you supposed to write in your SL reflection journal entries?

I will give provide, in class, some suggested questions you can address in your entries. However, this is intended as an assignment to allow you to reflect on how some of the issues we discuss in class relate to the service you are doing outside of class. So, it is up to you as to what you want to write about so long as it is relevant to the theme of the class (ie, poems, short stories, anecdotes about your love life are NOT relevant! Sorry.).

You can elect to write about particular environmental ethical dilemmas you encounter at your service site and how to resolve them.

-Whether you find the service you are providing to be meaningful.

-What exactly you do during your service time.

-What you feel you have gained from your experience.

-What you feel the organization is gaining from your service.

-Whether your experience has changed the way you look at your community (and in what ways, specifically).

-Would you do more volunteer work in your community after this experience?

These are just a few questions to consider. Spelling and grammar are not important for this assignment. Stream of consciousness is acceptable. I am looking for quality and to see what value you have gained from this experience. If you find you are not doing anything meaningful in your service, then it is up to you to change sites. Stuffing envelopes and answering phones does not usually lead to a very meaningful service learning experience. Make sure the organization you choose can provide you with a potentially meaningful experience that you can reflect on.

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