1. Which of the following philosophers believed the substance from which everything is made is water?
a. Leucippus
b. Anaximenes
c. Thales
d. Heraclitus

2. Which of the following philosophies is attributed to Parmenides?
a. Everything can be infinitely divided into smaller parts.
b. Motion does not need an explanation.
c. The basic substance of everything existing is air.

d. Reality is unchangeable, and any change detected is an illusion of the senses.

3. Which of the following is the branch of philosophy concerned with the nature and fundamental properties of being?
a. Metaphysics
b. Epistemology
c. Phenomenology
d. Existentialism

4. According to your textbook, which of the following philosophers introduced philosophy to Athens?
a. Democritus
b. Anaxagoras
c. Pythagoras
d. Zeno

5. Which of the following statements describes determinism?
a. Future states and events are always a direct result of prior states and events.
b. Intimacy exists between things and numbers.
c. The basic substance from which everything comes cannot be determined.
d. All matter is composed of physical atoms.

6. Which of the following philosophers believed being is ceaselessly changing?
a. Anaxagoras
b. Parmenides
c. Empedocles
d. Heraclitus

7. Which of the following created paradoxes made to show that motion is impossible?
a. Zenos
b. The Atomists
c. Anaximander
d. Parmenides

8. Which of the following are included in Empedocles

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