1. Network organization-An organization that is separated by several subdivisions within a large corporation. The subdivisions may operate under the same corporate umbrella; however, the subdivisions are completely independent of the large corporations (Borgatti, 1996).

For example, the subdivisions may occupy the same space but their overall function is totally unrelated to the large corporations day-to-day operations. Another example, a university resides within a medical facility, the university does business as an education institute, which is totally independent of the medical facility’s organizational practices.

2. Learning Organization-is an organization that makes constant strides to facilitate learning throughout the corporate infrastructure. This type of organization educates subordinates on the fundamentals of operating an organization and how to be more competitive within the organization and/or the marketplace. An example of a learning organization that comes to mind is Enterprise Rental Car; this organization only hires individuals who possess a college degree preferably a Bachelors in Business.

Once a qualified candidate is hired, the candidate will be trained on how to become a manager in order to own his/her own franchise. So from the moment the new hire enters the organization, the company automatically assumes that their new hire is a future leader who will become an asset with proper training and development. A candidate/new hire will undergo a process of theoretical training and hands on training. Enterprise rental car focuses on molding new employees into exceptional leaders in the world of business which is what constitutes a learning organization.

3. High-Involvement Organization-is an organization that heavily relies upon the participation of subordinates. This type of organization functions under the premise of a give and take type of scenario, which means that leaders within the organization are inclined to motivate their staff in order to glean from the benefits of having high-quality performance and increased productivity levels. An example of a high-involvement organization would mostly include the areas of sales, more specifically, car dealerships or any organization that is obligated to meet a quota by a certain deadline.

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