1. Discuss a constitutional democracy, being sure to include the conditions that usually comprise it. Your answer will also describe the different types of democracies and the values that are usually inherent in them.

2. Explain how the Constitution can be used as an instrument of government in general, by the president specifically, and by using judicial interpretation.

3. Why is Marbury v. Madison one of the most important cases in constitutional history?

4. List and describe the 5 standard reasons why America has federalism. Conclude your answer with the 5 types of federalism.

5. Regarding federalism and the Constitution, what are the main differences between the centralists and decentralists? Be sure to list some typical politicians as examples of each type.

6. Discuss separately the 5 shared values that the textbook authors believe make up American political culture and ideology.

7. Distinguish the differences between the criticisms of conservatism and liberalism.

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